the Passage…

“How do you write? How do you tell story? How do you see? How do you get acquainted with the place? How do you read the traces? How do you go there…” Georges Perec

This one on one voice installation/performance thematic explores the questions of migration and displacement in today’s society. the Passage… constructs a mock immigration post.

Through capturing the underlying sentiments of George Perec’s rare documentary film Recits d’Ellis Isle, which tells the story of and examines the immigrants experiences who craved entry to the USA via it’s gateway, Ellis Island, New York. Accompanied with the artist’s own personal history as a migrant, Dianne Weller builds a parcour performance for four performers in four adjoining spaces.

By utilizing the numerous characteristics of vocal materials people use, it demonstrates the range and palate of colors that the voice can achieve as a means of communication and performativity. As it is a singular audience experience, it runs for a period of 5 hours per day (40mins duration for each singular spectator). Each performance space is specifically focusing on certain aspects of the voice (speaking, singing, multiple voice qualities and silence). With the audience’s own participation, it creates a curious new world.

To listen to the Audio files click here.


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Passage Lecture 4

the Passage… RE-Invented Lecture Performance: Researching an idea of recycling art, Dianne was considering the following ideas: Can we Re-Visit, Re-Work, or Re-Interpret performative material/s into a new frame? 3 years after the original installation/performance the Passage… was performed, Dianne decided to revisit the performative materials. Transforming the construction of the first performance from singular audience experience with four performers, into a solo for multiple audience members, into the frame of a Lecture performance.