The Sproutland SoundLab project and Soundlab #1 was set up and Curated by artists Dianne Weller & Nicky Miller hosted by Nadine Plateau in April/May 2011.


‘to enable varying artists of diverging backgrounds from Visual, Sound, Music and the Performance Arts to share their work and have the chance to collaborate together, in practice and theory.’

This proposition focuses on giving opportunities to artists to discuss their individual research questions and topics related to their work, open this up to a broader discussion, find networking opportunities and new collaborations.

The aim of Sproutland SoundLab project was to create a platform that generates examinations concerning Sound, in various forms. In this project, critical discussions, workshops or laboratories focusing on various artistic practices, strategies and working methodologies relating to Sound and Sound Arts are proposed by Curating Artists. This opportunity to discuss & debate these practices and ideas give participants a chance to share their knowledge/s of the potential spatial and communicative properties of sound as a tool and means of practice.

These individual means and approaches of the curating artists create the foundation and structure of the each Lab. As a place to share, inform and develop your own research and projects, the lab is a place of open learning, collaboration and exchange.

In a context of self organisation and organic movement, the Lab is a place that artists can freely make proposals for discussion/debates or practical work. The period of the each Lab can be variant, depending on its frame and structure.

Some common questions that inspired the first SoundLab were :

What does sound mean to you and your artistic practices? How do you incorporate sound in our work? What are the qualities of it? Do you have a certain working methodology concerning sound and it’s usage? How are sound and spacialization linked together? How does it affect the audience, in ways and means?

The scheduling and proposal selection is open for discussion for future SoundLabs. Each proposal will be considered by its feasibility and prepared in conjunction with Artistic Coordinator Dianne Weller and by the proposing Lab Curator/s.

The Future:

The next SoundLab #5 will be in Feburary 2016 curated by Ruben Nachtegaele with Sound Artist Peter Cuzack Hosted at QO2 Brussels around the theme of Performing your Field Recordings.

The Past:

Since it’s beginning Sproutland Soundlab has created 4 series of Labs each focusing on variant themes.

Past Labs included:

#1 Meeting your sound – Curated by Dianne Weller and nicky miller 2011 at nadine plateau

#2 Voice and Identity – Curated by Dianne Weller and Bart de Wildeman 2012 at kaai theatre and performance at Nuit de Musée, Jubilpark Museum Brussels in conjunction with the Rits Radio School

#3 Seeing Sound – Curated by Julie Pfliederer and Caroline Daish 2012 at Kunstenwerkplaatz Arts Lab de Pianofabriek and in conjunction with KunstenFestivaldesArts

#4 Sonic Gardening – Curated by Alessandra Coppola with workshop given by David Tidone and Lecture by Paul Devans

#5 Performing your Field Recordings – Curated by Ruben Nachtergaele and Peter Cusack in conjunction with Q-02.

#6 Workshop Voice Performance and Video Games – Randall Ryan curated by Dianne Weller in conjunction with the RITCS

#7 Intensive Performance Capture with Tom Keegan and curated by Dianne Weller

# Brussels Story Slam – hosted by Nina Rolle and Dianne Weller

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