2 upcoming Soundlabs #5 & #6 Performing your Field Recordings

Soundlab #5 QO2 Feb 13-14 Peter Cuzack and Ruben Nachtergaele expose their work and practice in the form of a workshop with participants to introduce their method and perform group exercises on their own body of recordings to develop new techniques and possibilities to present their recordings.

SoundLab #6 Klankenbos Musica 2017 Ruben Nachtergaele will take Lab #5 one step further to extend the process and workshop/lab into a 1 weeks duration with a similar frame including further guest artists (to be announced).

For Your Ears Only will have it’s Ghent premiere in the Tumult Radio Festival hosted at Campo on the 24th and 25th March.


Mar 11 2015               For Your Ears Only         Monty Antwerp

Feb 28 2015               For Your Ears Only        Kunstencentrum BUDA

Feb 19-20 2015         For Your Ears Only        Beursschouwburg Brussels

Feb 2013                    SoundLab #4                  apass/QO2

Jan 2013                     the Passage: Lecture     SZenne Art Lab

May 2012                   SoundLab #3                  Kunstenfestival des Arts

Feb 2012                    SoundLab #2                  Nuit Blanc Jubilpark Museum Brussels

June 2010                  the Passage…                 Kunstencentrum Pianofabriek Arts Lab

May 2010                  the Passage…                 de Singel Antwerp

May 2011                   Soundlab #1                   nadine plateau Brussels