The PushUps

The PushUps is an a capella Performance Ensemble comprised of a collective of woman from around the globe. Their background consists of multidisciplinary artists coming from dance, theatre and music.

Based in Brussels Belgium, they use their diverse skills to create an act performing alternative rock and pop in their own very particular way.

Taken songs that are well known and transformed by the Pushups arrangements into surprisingly new material, comedy is the focal point in this spectacle. Their humour conveys political messages through the satirical and the surreal.

The focus is entertainment with a strong feminine angle. Looking at what it is to be women in the field of rock and pop. What is to be a woman of a certain age in this male dominated métier. What is it to be a woman in society today? How feminism has affected us. Looking at the sensual as opposed to the sexual? Can we keep it up the older we get? Do we realize how old we are getting doing this still? And are we just desperate to hang on? When we will grow up? Do we need to? Why should we? And so on…..

The effect is music, movement and skits mixed into a funny and fresh cabaretesque music theatre performance. Their infectious performance style has been taking audiences by storm in their native of Brussels, Belgium and around France.

DSC_086  DSC_0147 DSC_0264 DSC_0272  DSC_0387 Good AB shot 1 Good AB shot 2

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