For Your Ears Only

For Your Ears Only is radiophonic theatre. The spectacle is set in a traditional theatre space. However there are no actors on stage. All the action is told via sound using voice, field recordings and music composition as employed in a traditional Radio Play.

The concept of this piece is to include all the elements of the theatre-making process, from concept to critic. It makes a comment on how the artistic critique is disappearing from our main media today.

We play with this process by creating (with the Viennese/French theatre collective Superamas) an incredible theatre show that has never actually been realized.

We create scenes from this show in a radiophonic way, using field recordings, actors and music that is then discussed by these Critics.

This becomes the main narrative of the performance accompanied by the sound stories in loco.

In the theatre the audience sit and listen to the discussion of these three Critics: 2 coming from Belgium (who have worked with Etcetera magazine, De Morgan, de Standaard, Radio Klara) and 1 from the UK (and for the Guardian UK).

This is accompanied by an atmospheric Lighting design and multi-speaker spacialised sound set-up, to encapsulate and seduce the audience into this deep Listening process. Thus enabling them to draw from their imagination to create their individual show.


Audience beginning Gold SceneBieke High Resolution Original Palomar Scene